Who Makes Our Jewellery?

The Flower and Willow World sources our beautifully hand-crafted bead bracelets, necklaces and earrings, from a small collective of female artisans in Nepal.  These women, mostly housewives, have very limited means of earning an income.  They are taught to crochet and bead jewellery, and once they are ready, they begin producing for The Flower and Willow World.  They become individual business women, and many go on to manage smaller teams of producers.

Phool is a 35 year year old mother and wife, who moved with her husband and children to Kathmandu 5 years ago for her husbands work.  She had no business skills, and approached the collective so that she could start supplementing her family's income.  Within a year she was not only making the products, but she became a leader, and now distributes the beads, threads and materials to her fellow artisans, she collects their finished jewellery, checks quality and does final finishing.  Phool says she is happy to earn her own income, and contribute to her children's education and her family's needs.

Sarmila is also in her thirties, and has a husband and young son.  Her husband works for a human rights organisation in Kathmandu, and she makes our beaded jewellery to contribute to the household, and also treat herself to gold ornaments, which she adores.    Without her craft, she would be unable to work and help provide for her family.  She has been making beaded jewellery for the past 3 years.  She is thankful that she can stay at home and work at her own pace.

Many of the women who make our jewellery are facing financial hardship, and this gives them the opportunity to join the workforce, without having to find childcare or leave their homes.  We are proud to be supporting these families in Kathmandu, and we are so happy knowing they are paid a fair wage for their wonderful skills.